General Conditions of Sale




The sale of QUOM products ex-factory is governed by the general conditions listed here. Any changes are only valid if they have been confirmed by us in writing. The order confirmation is checked upon receipt; If no further communications follow within two calendar days, these are binding for the start of work. Quom reserves the right to make changes to the dimensions and to make staggered deliveries according to the material available on the warehouse for production. The technical data of the QUOM radiators, which are subject to a normal tolerance, are to be understood as indicative and subject to change.

Changes to orders

Changes and cancellations of orders are subject to our written approval. The costs already incurred will be charged to the buyer. Orders with a confirmation within a certain period can only be changed or cancelled within the deadline set for the confirmation.

Possible changes to the radiators to be manufactured, subject to a written approval by QUOM, result in a surcharge of 30-50% on the cost of the radiator; if the changes are possible, the radiator will be manufactured and charged according to the order confirmation.


Prices are ex-works; these same are not binding and can be changed at any time without prior notice.

Date of delivery

The date of delivery specified in the order confirmation is adhered to insofar as this is possible, although this cannot be guaranteed.

No claim for compensation or cancellation of the order due to delivery delays will be accepted.

Day of delivery is deemed to be the day of shipping. If the goods are not transferred on the agreed day, Quom Srl reserves the right to charge the buyer for the costs and risks of storage and the material will be regularly invoiced.

In the event that the delivery deadlines cannot be met, the buyer is not eligible for any compensation.

Delivery and packaging

The goods are delivered at the risk and hazard of the buyer. Quom Srl reserves the right to choose the packaging; special packaging will be invoiced separately.

Delivery of the goods is deemed to take place with delivery of the goods to the courier.

Unloading is deemed to be under the responsibility of the buyer. Quom Srl disclaims any liability for damages incurred during delivery.

Complaints and returns

Complaints for damage caused by transport or complaints for missing goods must be raised immediately upon receipt of the goods with signature of delivery note subject to revocation, and Quom Srl must be informed in writing within two days.

Complaints regarding manufacturing defects must be reported in good time on discovery of the damage. No returns will be accepted without our written consent.


Quom radiators and accessories come with a warranty of two years from the date of delivery, provided that they have been used in a suitable manner and that the installation was carried out professionally.

Parts that reveal material or manufacturing defects during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge on your request,

Defective materials that are returned to us must be packaged after our prior written approval and sent to our head office via our forwarder.

Excluded from the warranty are unpaid-for parts and damage caused by the following:

  • Unsuitable storage of radiators (without plastic packaging and / or in damp places)
  • Inappropriate assembly and use
  • Improperly performed maintenance; cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents can damage the surfaces; these latter should be cleaned with a damp cloth and kept glossy by treatment with car wax.
  • Installation by non-trained personnel
  • Repairs made without the written permission of Quom Srl
  • Addition of chemical aggressive substances to the water of the heating system
  • Regular emptying of the system
  • Connection to systems with an open expansion vessel or to systems for water treatment or overloading
  • Operating pressure higher than that indicated in the technical data
  • Connection to a water and sanitary facility
  • Use of hemp on the connectors provided with an O-ring seal.


Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, invoices are payable net within 30 days without discount.

For delays in payment, in addition to the costs, three percentage points will additionally be due as compensation for the first instalment ABI.

The delivered goods remain the property of QUOM until payment has been made; otherwise, Quom Srl reserves the right to collect the unpaid-for goods.

The place of jurisdiction is Bergamo.


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